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Well, all right.

We don’t often get to say that something went as smoothly as we'd imagined, but this time we do and we’re not going to miss the chance.

Turns out we fretted about the big change to our service last week for nothing. It went incredibly smoothly, riders breezily transitioned to the new service regime, and we received tons of positive feedback about the revamped, ultra-responsive service.

In case you missed the news, to hop aboard now all you have to do is call (313) 444-BUS1 (2871) and we’ll come get you as long as you’re within one of our designated areas. (See more info here.) No more waiting for the bus to complete its loop.

That leads us to this week’s topic: Dally in the Alley. Having this new on-demand service means we can get more people to the event without any, you know, dilly-dallying. We won’t be running the entire duration of the Dally, which begins at 11AM, but we’ll have you covered for the second, boozier half. We'll be launching off the docks at our usual 6PM time.

Kind of surprising, but it occurs to us that this means for the first time (to our limited knowledge), people will have an affordable, direct way to go from Royal Oak, Ferndale, Corktown, Downtown, and environs to the Dally and back.

This event has been getting gritty in Detroit since waaaaay before it became the cool thing to do. “Midtown” was Cass Corridor back when the first organizers dared to hold a street event in it. We’ll be proud to bring in busloads of people to this pioneering event.

Hope to see you there,

Andy and Gary

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