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Ahoy, riders of the storm that is the Detroit Bus Company!

So here’s some things that happened.

A bit from the captain’s log: “Day 63. We have started thinking about writing a business plan, if only to show people that one exists.”

A bit from from the world of Scotch and cigars... that is, Forbes: None other than local entrepreneurial cheerleader (we mean that in a good way) Josh Linkner gave us much-appreciated praise last week, in
a piece for Forbes. Now here’s someone who gets what we’re doing: “For $5, riders can get on and off both lines interchangeably all night, drink in hand.”

Hey, hey! Right on, brah. Could it be that Linkner’s a tippler? Juicy! How great would it be if this became a thing? The city’s business luminaries bleary-eyed and swaying on our buses every weekend, rubbing elbows with the finest hipsters Corktown and Midtown have to offer? Better than the DAC!

A bit of tough news about our service that we’re prepared to get blowback about: Hamtramck is off the route. For now. Not because we hate Hamtramck -- no way! -- but because our Suburbanite Express route gets a lot less express-ey with the detour into Hamtown.

Besides, Hamtramck? On a suburbanite route? It just ain’t right. We’ll figure something out, even if it means getting all the many bars there to sign up their patrons for a separate line or something along those lines.

A bit of a country-strong advice, Rod Allen style, for Tigers fans: Our Suburbanite Express rolls away from Gusoline Alley in Royal Oak at 6PM and Imperial in Ferndale at 6:10, headed straight for Comerica. So if you’re in the northern burbs and want to see the Friday or Saturday night games, you don’t have to muck into the traffic and parking. The game starts at 7:05, just an hour after our regularly-scheduled weekend service starts. Mother of Kaline! How perfect is that?!

Finally, a bit of weekend action:

  • Backpack Music Festival at New Center Park. This event gathers school supplies for children in the city and brings in Detroit’s techno music royalty for sounds to enjoy a summer weekend outside. Saturday and Sunday, noon till midnight. (Note: Our bus service does not run Sunday.) It’s $10 with the donation of a backpack and school supplies or $20 without.

Finally, for a sneak peek at the rough draft of our business plan, click here.

Honk, honk!

-- Andy and Gary

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